Amsterdam-based Igor Zinken (1981, the Netherlands) veers, under the moniker 'igorski', towards composing music and developing musical-related tools for media / game / art productions.

Having been musically active for a decade-and-a-half, stints included being in small bands ranging from ridiculous two-day punk outfits to being responsible for anything from playing mandolin parts to writing synthesizer lines on a GameBoy tracker and programming live-generative visual art, the latter activities culminating in the lo-fi "art-noise" of Firefly Makani ( you might be able to hunt down a release on either Antilounge Records and Toztizok Zounds for this project ).

Apart from creating darker soundscapes, there is also an outlet for more positive material with a retro-tinged flavour, operating under the name The Type Three Civilization.

Convinced that your own visual / theatrical creations can use some aural backdrop sculpted to their image ? Have a listen to some of the musical projects for some inspiration, and decide wether you'd like to drop a line.