Regrader - degenerative delay processor

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A VST effects plugin. Regrader provides a delay effect in which the repeats degrade in various ways to provide a malevolent twist on the ears. Echoes disintegrate, are decimated, piercingly oscillate and are finally mangled into a sound reminiscent of a jet engine processing gravel. Each of the modules within Regrader have different routing possi...

VSTSID - SID synthesizer instrument

A VST Instrument plugin. VSTSID, as its name implies, is the VST equivalent of WebSID, ported by popular request of those who wish to use the arpeggiated Commodore 64 sound within the comforts of their DAW. The instrument features: Full ADSR envelope control Controllable filter cutoff and resonance LFO to modulate the filter Ring modulator ...

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Toy Piano - Kontakt Instrument

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A Kontakt Instrument aimed at those who seek to inject some spiky toy piano sounds into their compositions. The timbre of the instrument can be best described as "thin" or "shrill" (as opposed to toy pianos with a more metallic resonance), but the instrument is tuned to work within the context of other instruments in order to provide less jarring ...