This page features a selection of musical output; as "genre" poses no restriction on creative freedom, the material on offer here while eclectic, might seem disjointed, hence the rudimentary grouping.

Apart from compositions as part of a group/musical identity, commissioned/soundtrack work can also be found here.

A selection of official releases is available for both download and streaming playback and can be found on all the usual suspects (Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, BandcampPandora, etc.).

Current efforts are focused on a new EP for Drosophelia aimed at an early 2020 release.


dark, organic. The sound of sleep deprivation and paranoia set to music.

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electronic, frantic, dense and multi layered. Detailed percussive motifs and hardware based synthesis.

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Either implying use of acoustic string instruments or the processing of microphonic recordings as compositional material.

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music written on equipment associated with retro video gaming. e.g. Commodore 64 SID, GameBoy/LSDj, TIA, etc.

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Compositions that actually can be qualified as "songs", ticking all the boxes that make them more catchy / ear friendly. Often unashamedly 70's AM radio in flavour, hence the category name. 

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compositions where the source material is not so much melodic in nature (or devised in the traditional instrumental sense), but rather using timbres and sound design to paint a picture. Tracks that won't be considered "music" by most.