About igorski

Amsterdam-based Igor Zinken (1981, the Netherlands) veers, under the moniker 'igorski', towards creative use of technology, composing music / sound design and developing music-related software, all while singing along loudly to music behind a standing desk.

Apart from writing usable applications, there are several contributions to the open source community, many of which are listed on this website. While technology is great for making life easier, knowing how to make things do stuff they perhaps weren't designed to do, makes life a lot more interesting!

Or at least fun.

Getting back to music: having been musically active for over a decade-and-a-half with stints in small bands ranging from ridiculous two-day punk outfits to being responsible for anything from playing mandolin parts to writing synthesizer lines on a GameBoy while programming live-generative visual art, these activities culminated in the lo-fi "art-noise" of Firefly Makani ( you could hunt down the releases on Antilounge Records and Toztizok Zounds but you can save yourself the effort as it's all up for grabs on SoundCloud ).

Besides creating darker soundscapes, there is also an outlet for more positive material with a retro-tinged flavour, operating under the name The Type Three Civilization. Camp and cheap are keywords.


I am currently working together with Claynote on the soundtrack for Antegods, a game in development by Codeglue.

The soundtrack will be adaptive and thus respond to changes in the players environment for a dynamic experience. The compositions will have a melodic base, in part aided by algorithmic generation and will feature driving tribal rhythms. Keywords so far are: panflutes meet sci-fi as the game revolves around a Mayan civilization with space faring capabilities!

Recent projects

Efflux - Web based music maker

preview image for Efflux - Web based music maker

Efflux is a web based application, allowing one to create music within their browser. Efflux uses a tracker-type approach for writing compositions; in a tracker a sequence of music is traditionally represented using numeric input: both notes and parameter changes, effects and other commands are entered with the keyboard into a grid of fixed time s...

MikroWave - Android synthesizer

After having found that Google Play doesn't offer as much in the way of actual sound synthesizers (rather than sample-based apps!) as are available to iOS users, I took on the experiment of writing a sequenced synthesizer without having any "how to"-guides at my disposal. The goal of the application quickly became clear after a few prototypes: as ...

preview image for MikroWave - Android synthesizer

Chrome Experiment - WebSID Commodore 64 synthesizer

preview image for Chrome Experiment - WebSID Commodore 64 synthesizer

Update february 10, 2014: WebSID is now an official Chrome Experiment! What is it ? Having been tempted to test the WebAudio API's capabilities beyond the initial WebAudio experiment (the touch synthesizer listed elsewhere on this page), this experiment is built upon parts of the audio engine I created for Android's MikroWave (also listed elsewh...