About igorski

Amsterdam-based Igor Zinken (1981, the Netherlands) operates under the moniker 'igorski' towards creative use of technology, composition of music and development of software often related - but not restricted - to audio. There might be a helpful utility here and there too.

While technology is great for making life easier, knowing how to make things do stuff they perhaps weren't designed to do, makes things a lot more interesting! Or at least fun.
Igor also writes and sings songs, though not of the coffee house-friendly-type. Under the name Drosophelia, Igor composes and produces music using handmade instruments and audio processing tools, the latter also shared here for public use. Releases are yearly.

Whether presented as online applications, downloadable software, streaming media, open source repositories or case pages documenting legacy projects...

this is a portfolio of 20+ years of igorski projects

Efflux has received an overhaul and is updated to major version 3.0.

A large range of features have been added with the most notable being the all-new jam session view, which provides an intuitive UI to write patterns, create loops and perform using convenient shortcuts, MIDI controllers and the all-new piano roll editor.

As before, Efflux remains free to use and is fully open source.

Four track EP released July 17th, 2023.

Following the pattern where Drosophelia releases are themically bundled within trilogies, "Nanitic" marks the first entry in the third set, which is to be fully released between 2023 and 2025.

The record is a short "dystopian theatrical play" told in roughly 15 minutes, dragging you into and out of Hell, through to ironic funk split over 4 stylistically different tracks (for those of the "industrial goth"-persuasion).

Nanitic is available for streaming and download on all the major services starting July 17. More information can be found on the Drosophelia website.

preview image for Video performance wall

Video performance wall

The danger faced when being in an electronic combo unable to reproduce all audio tracks live, is to become uninteresting to look at when standing on stage, hidden behind a computer screen.

As such, for the Firefly Makani-project a system had been developed that allowed the performers to both manipulate audio and synchronize these changes visually ...

Highlighted apps + plugins

preview image for BitMappery


Web based image editor

Photoshop ? Flattering, but it's not quite the same. BitMappery does however allow you to import photos (and Photoshop files), draw images, apply transformations, create freeform selections, tweak filters and mask content in a non-destructive manner.

It has some overlap in functionality but is definitely a more simple ...

preview image for WebSID


Commodore 64 synthesizer

Having been tempted to test the WebAudio API's capabilities beyond the initial WebAudio experiment, this experiment builds upon parts of the audio engine created for MikroWave by porting the C++ code to JavaScript so it can run inside a web browser.

A very peculiar synth...

Rather than (re)creating a "modern" syn...

preview image for kosm


Gravity sequencer for Android

1: the great world : universe

2: a complex that is a large-scale reproduction of one of its constituents

in less vague terms: kosm is an abstract audio sequencer. Where the convention is to align musical events in perfect time slots and at a given pitch, kosm triggers audio via the concept of gravity and...

preview image for Rechoir


Tempo aligned harmonizing delay

Rechoir is a delay effect where all the echoes can either harmonize with the source signal or be pitch shifted manually.

Harmonic changes can be synced to the tempo and time signature of your sequencer, keeping both the echoes as well as their pitch modulations strictly timed to your composition.

All of Rechoirs parameters ...

preview image for HomeCorrupter


Fidelity reduction plugin

HomeCorrupter provides an effect that harks back to a period in which computers weren't actually that good at handling audio.

The plugin can degrade the resolution of any incoming audio signal by reducing the sampling rate and bit depth. Further lo-fi quality is achieved by reducing the "computers clock speed" which slows dow...

preview image for Darvaza


Tempo synced gating plugin

Darvaza is a multichannel gate with a twist : whenever the gate closes on your input signal, you get a perversion of your source spat back at you. It can however work as a time synchronized classic tremolo too.

The gate uses different waveforms and its individually tunable oscillators are synchronized to the host tempo and ti...