About igorski

Amsterdam-based Igor Zinken (1981, the Netherlands) veers, under the moniker 'igorski', towards creative use of technology, composing music / sound design and developing music-related software, all while singing along loudly to music behind a standing desk.
Apart from writing usable applications, there are several contributions to the open source community, many of which are listed on this website. While technology is great for making life easier, knowing how to make things do stuff they perhaps weren't designed to do, makes life a lot more interesting! Or at least fun.

Having been musically active for over two decades, my endeavours ranged from stints in ridiculous two-day punk outfits to being responsible for anything from playing mandolin parts to writing synthesizer lines on a GameBoy or dragging rusty materials over a microphonic membrane.
Together with a passion for creating self-generating art (both visual and auditory), aforementioned activities culminated in the lo-fi "art-noise performances" which over the years have been spread over several artistic identities/"bands". Satisfaction often comes from chaos, whether controllable or not.

A new VST plugin...

Available for download for macOS and Windows:

HomeCorrupter is a plugin that allows reduction of sample rate, bit depth and playback speed of any incoming audio signal. The plugins properties can be animated using the built-in oscillators or can be controlled through host DAW automation or using external controllers.

As with all other plugins, Linux users can build from source as the plugin is fully open source.

One Bar Loop development case

The year is 2010. The web is known for video and gaming. Yet making music seems restricted to the offline world.

While relatively recent, it was a time before widely adopted standards, "mobile first", affordable cloud hosting and most of all, Flash was everywhere...


Twelve track LP which releases August 1st, 2021, currently available for pre order on Bandcamp.

The narrative of Exuvia observes the human desire to belong is driven by herd behaviour rather than individual investment towards shaping a personal identity. This theme is presented iteratively in six of the songs twelve tracks.

As before, the record ...

Recent apps


Web based image editor

preview image for BitMappery

Photoshop ? Flattering, but not quite. BitMappery does however allow you to import photos, draw images, apply transformations, create freeform selections, tweak filters and mask content in a non-destructive manner. It has some overlap in functionality but is definitely a more simple product.

A BitMappery document allow...


Web based music maker

preview image for Efflux

Efflux is a Progressive Web Application, allowing one to create music within their browser, both on- and offline.

Efflux uses a tracker-type approach for writing compositions; in a tracker a sequence of music is traditionally represented using numeric input: both notes and parameter changes, effects and other commands are ...


Commodore 64 synthesizer

preview image for WebSID

Having been tempted to test the WebAudio API's capabilities beyond my initial WebAudio experiment, this experiment is built upon parts of the audio engine I created for Android's MikroWave by porting the C++ code to JavaScript so it can run inside a web browser.

A very peculiar synth...

Rather than creating a "new" ...