Efflux - Web based music maker

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Efflux is a Progressive Web Application, allowing one to create music within their browser, both on- and offline.
Efflux uses a tracker-type approach for writing compositions; in a tracker a sequence of music is traditionally represented using numeric input: both notes and parameter changes, effects and other commands are entered with the ke...

Slocum Tracker

Slocum Tracker is a utility that enables people to write musical compositions for the Atari 2600 using a tracker-style interface, directly from their web browser.
The real star is Slocum's Sequencer Kit (where the application derives its name from), a music driver that is very efficient on the Atari 2600's CPU providing plenty of resources f...
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WebSID - Commodore 64 synthesizer

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What is it ? Having been tempted to test the WebAudio API's capabilities beyond the initial WebAudio experiment (the touch synthesizer listed elsewhere on this page), this experiment is built upon parts of the audio engine I created for Android's MikroWave by porting the C++ code to JavaScript so it can run inside a web browser.

MikroWave - Android synthesizer

After having found that Google Play didn't offer as much in the way of actual sound synthesizers (rather than sample-based apps!) as are available to iOS users, I took on the experiment of writing a sequenced synthesizer without having any "how to"-guides at my disposal.
The goal of the application quickly became clear after a few prototypes...
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Web based touch synthesizer

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What is it? As the WebAudio API is slowly but surely being incorporated in all major browsers, a small experiment showcasing its possibilities was in order. The WebAudio API finally provides a means to write (and thus synthesize!) audio inside the web browser through JavaScript.
While the high level JavaScript language is too limited for pr...

kosm - gravity sequencer for Android

mac·ro·cosm noun \ˈma-krə-ˌkä-zəm\
1: the great world : universe
2: a complex that is a large-scale reproduction of one of its constituents
in less vague terms: kosm is an abstract audio sequencer. Whereas the convention is to align musical events in perfect time slots and at a given pitch, kosm triggers au...
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