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Web based image editor

Photoshop ? Flattering, but it's not quite the same. BitMappery does however allow you to import photos (and Photoshop files), draw images, apply transformations, create freeform selections, tweak filters and mask content in a non-destructive manner.

It has some overlap in functionality but is definitely a more simple ...

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Web based music maker

Efflux is a Progressive Web Application allowing you to create music within your browser, either on- or offline on anything from a phone to desktop computer.

Efflux uses both a tracker*-type approach as well as a more intuitive graphical UI to create patterns. Separate patterns have independent timelines; a complete song t...

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Commodore 64 synthesizer

Having been tempted to test the WebAudio API's capabilities beyond the initial WebAudio experiment, this experiment builds upon parts of the audio engine created for MikroWave by porting the C++ code to JavaScript so it can run inside a web browser.

A very peculiar synth...

Rather than (re)creating a "modern" syn...

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Gravity sequencer for Android

1: the great world : universe

2: a complex that is a large-scale reproduction of one of its constituents

in less vague terms: kosm is an abstract audio sequencer. Where the convention is to align musical events in perfect time slots and at a given pitch, kosm triggers audio via the concept of gravity and...

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Android groovebox

After having found that Google Play didn't offer as much in the way of actual sound synthesizers (rather than sample-based apps!) as were available to iOS users, I took on the experiment of writing a sequenced synthesizer without having any "how to"-guides at my disposal.

The goal of the application quickly became...

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Pinball Schminball

One-tap retro 2D pinball game

The "aptly" titled Pinball Schminball (PS) is a an hommage to 80's and 90's 2D vertical scrolling pinball video games (think Pinball Fantasies, not that thing that shipped with Windows '95).

The game serves as a showcase of igorski's open source zCanvas gaming capabilities, enriched with the use of Matter JS as a physics ...

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Molecular Music Generator

Algorithmic generation of musical compositions

Algorithmic composition is an automated process where given a set of particular inputs, a unique compositions can be created. The algorithm is deterministic, which implies that the same input will always generate the same output.

The Molecular Music Generator (MMG) can be used to generate musical patterns w...

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Tuning Spork!

Guitar scale visualiser

Tuning Spork! is a simple utility aimed at guitarists:

The application allows selection of a plethora of scales, ranging from the usual suspects (major, minor, pentatonic...) to the more esoteric types (Hungarian minor, Han Kumoi, Hatakambari...).

Upon selection, all notes of the scale are visualized on the on-screen fretboard, sho...

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Slocum Tracker

Web based Atari 2600 music tracker

Slocum Tracker is a utility that enables people to write musical compositions for the Atari 2600 using a tracker-style interface, directly from their web browser.

The real star is Slocum's Sequencer Kit (where the application derives its name from), a music driver that is very efficient on the Atari 2600's C...

preview image for Weltkriegsimulator


Vertical scrolling shoot 'em up

The horribly titled "Weltkriegsimulator" (WKS) is a an hommage to Toaplan shoot 'em ups.

It's not exactly a full-on multi level gaming experience meant for entertainment purposes (though it does contain multiple levels, power ups, bosses and high scores).

Instead the game serves as a showcase of igorski's open source zCan...

preview image for Meneer Eend

Meneer Eend

One-tap staring contest

Meneer Eend (Mister Duck) is a very simple game. The purpose of the game is to tap the duck whenever he is looking at you directly. Should he be looking away while you tap him, you lose immediately.

Sounds simple enough, but beware his distractive manoeuvres and blazing eye movement speeds as the game progresses!

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Touch synthesizer

Web based music toy

As the WebAudio API was slowly but surely being incorporated in all major browsers, a small experiment showcasing its possibilities was in order. The WebAudio API finally provides a means to write (and thus synthesize!) audio inside the web browser through JavaScript.

While the high level JavaScript language is too limited for pro...