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Photoshop in the browser?

Photoshop ? Flattering, but it's not quite the same. BitMappery does however allow you to import photos (and Photoshop files), draw images, apply transformations, create freeform selections, tweak filters and mask content in a non-destructive manner.

It has some overlap in functionality but is definitely a more simple product.

A BitMappery document allows you to work with multi layer content both of photographic and hand drawn origin. It also passes the unoffical Image Editor Test of "can-I-draw-infantile-images-with-it?" ™ with flying colours.

Integrates with cloud storage

While users can import photos from and export projects onto their local device, BitMappery also integrates seamlessly with Dropbox and Google Drive*, allowing users to create projects from remotely stored photos and to save projects remotely, where the available storage space of the service account determines the amount of BitMappery content you can save.

*BitMappery is a serverless application, as such the API's of the third party storage providers connect directly to your machine, thus keeping your cloud data private at all times.

Text rendering

If you wish to add text content to your collage, BitMappery also provides support for adding text layers, with the expected text manipulation options for sizing and letter spacing.

BitMappery implements Google Fonts and as such offers a large range of available typefaces.*

*use of Google Fonts implies that BitMappery requires an active internet connection when editing text

Animations / spritesheets

BitMappery also caters towards those interested in creating animations or game art. BitMappery can slice imported spritesheets into multi-layered content and is vice versa able to export a multi-layered document into a spritesheet of adjustable grid sizes.

Similarly, it is possible to export a sequence of layers as frames within an animated GIF, with adjustable interval speed between successive frames.

Constantly evolving

Like most of the web based igorski projects, BitMappery is not considered "finished" and is constantly being updated with new filters, performance and UI improvements as well as being fully open source.

Self hosted variant

By request of the community, BitMappery can also be run inside Docker allowing you to self-host the editor. This brings the additional luxury that you can connect to a S3 bucket for project storage.

BitMappery in action

BitMappery can run directly in any modern browser and offers:

  • Offline support*
  • Full mobile support
  • Local and cloud based storage
  • Speedy workflow using keyboard shortcuts

*Note that an active internet connection is required in order to use text editing