Hands-on music making

Efflux is a Progressive Web Application allowing you to create music within your browser, either on- or offline on anything from a phone to desktop computer.

Efflux uses both a tracker*-type approach as well as a more intuitive graphical UI to create patterns. Separate patterns have independent timelines; a complete song thus consists of a master list of repeated and concatenated patterns.

*in a tracker a sequence of music is traditionally represented using numeric input: both notes and parameter changes, effects and other commands are entered into a grid of fixed time slots as codes consisting of letters, numbers and hexadecimal digits. While this seems more cumbersome than using graphically based sequencing, it allows for very precise control of parameter changes.

Fully shapeable sound

Efflux allows use of up to eight synthesizers, each with up to three individually adjustable voices. The synthesizers are also multi-trimbral (that is: you can play chords), so effectively you can play 8 track lanes x 3 voices = 24 voices per synth simultaneously.

Apart from using generic waveforms (sine, triangle, saw, square wave, noise), users can also draw their own custom waveforms which are audible while drawing. You can also load or directly record samples and turn any audio source into a synth.

As each voice has its own tuning and envelope section, the sound can go from thin bleepy, bloopy tones to wide ambient stereo pads. Furthermore, each instrument has its own effects chain which is also fully automatable through the tracker interface.

Convenient workflow

Efflux supports keyboard shortcuts, mouse selection as well as live recording using connected MIDI peripherals (the latter option is only available in a limited set of browsers like Chrome, Edge and Firefox). Efflux also works on touch screen / mobile devices.

Efflux allows storing both songs and instruments, importing / exporting them between devices as well as the option to record the audio output once you are satisfied with your completed project.

Each editor comes with inline help or provides a link to a more in-depth guide. You can always consult the online help which contains extended examples and provides tutorials.

Integrates with cloud storage

While Efflux works fully offline, it can also integrate with Dropbox, providing users with the option to both select audio files saved within their Dropbox folders and to save projects, where the available storage of your Dropbox account determines the amount of Efflux projects you can save.

This brings the benefit that you can continue working on your projects on any of your Dropbox connected devices.

Note: Efflux is a serverless application, as such Dropbox connects directly to your machine keeping your Dropbox data private at all times.

Always evolving

Efflux is continuously being extended with new features and is fully open source.

Efflux in action

Efflux can run directly on any modern browser and offers:

  • Full mobile and offline support
  • Dropbox and local project storage
  • Loading and recording of samples
  • Recording of audio output
  • UI for live jam sessions
  • Support for connecting MIDI devices*

*only supported in Chrome, Edge & Firefox