Touch synthesizer

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New API study

As the WebAudio API was slowly but surely being incorporated in all major browsers, a small experiment showcasing its possibilities was in order. The WebAudio API finally provides a means to write (and thus synthesize!) audio inside the web browser through JavaScript.

While the high level JavaScript language is too limited for processing live audio, the API delegates the actual processing to a optimized lower level language, thus giving a tremendous performance gain and opening up a whole new range of possibilities for the web.

Mobile ready

With the advent of version 6, Safari has implemented WebAudio, making it useable on mobile devices running iOS 6 such as iPads. Having a consumer appliance with a touch screen supporting this technology creates a very interesting field for experimentation.

As such, the resulting experiment is a (multi)touch enabled synthesizer. By creating movable nodes with very exact frequencies, a creative user can coax all manner of other wordly sounds, and perhaps, find an instrument within their hands.

Chrome Experiment

Google has awarded Touch Synthesizer the official Chrome Experiment status in 2013.

Touch synthesizer in action

Touch Synthesizer runs directly in your browser and offers:

  • Offline support
  • Multi touch support on tablets
  • Recording of audio output