Tuning Spork!

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Tuning Spork!

Tuning Spork! is a simple utility aimed at guitarists:

The application allows selection of a plethora of scales, ranging from the usual suspects (major, minor, pentatonic...) to the more esoteric types (Hungarian minor, Han Kumoi, Hatakambari...).

Upon selection, all notes of the scale are visualized on the on-screen fretboard, showing either note names or fret numbers.

Further more, all chords compatible with the chosen scale are also displayed, including their fingerings.

Custom tunings

Tuning Spork! doesn't restrict itself to standard E either and provides a selection of a large range of alternate tunings (dropped-D, open G, open D...) as well as the option to configure your own tuning.

All scale notes and chord fingerings are adjusted on the fly to accommodate for your tuning. No new tuning will remain unknown territory by providing you with an easy lookup of the chords of your choice.

Supports any stringed instrument

Whether you play acoustic, electric, bass guitar or ukelele, Tuning Spork! can visualize chords and scales for any of these instruments, up to 9-string guitar.

Reverse chord lookup

Are you particularly smitten with a chord fingering you came up with and would you like to know what it is called or what scales go with it ? Enter the "Name my chord"-mode to draw the fingering.

Like the scale visualizer, this mode also supports alternate tunings meaning you can go crazy with the tuning pegs and still impress your musician friends by naming your new favourite Cmin7b5#11 chord inversion.

Tuning Spork! in action

Tuning Spork can run in any modern browser and offers:

  • Offline support
  • Tablet support*
*phones are supported to an extent though not recommended (for the time being)