VST Instrument plugin

VSTSID, as its name implies, is the VST equivalent of WebSID, ported by popular request of those who wish to use the arpeggiated Commodore 64 sound within the comforts of their DAW.

The instrument features:

  • Full ADSR envelope control
  • Controllable filter cutoff and resonance
  • LFO to modulate the filter
  • Ring modulator for more abstract sound sculpting

Fully automatable

All module parameters are fully automatable for maximum flexibility. To get the archetypical Commodore 64 sound, VSTSID will arpeggiate chords when playing 3 or more notes simultaneously. The arpeggiators speed is synced to the tempo of the host for rock solid patterns.

Video for VSTSID #2

Video for VSTSID #3

Video for VSTSID #4