note entry

Help on the note entry window.

entering notes

The note entry window consists of the following elements:

  • A: Instrument selector
  • B: Keyboard / Note selector
  • C: Octave selector

The instrument selector allows you to pick one of the available synthesizers. This is the synth that will play back the note. By default this will equal to synthesizer associated with the patterns track where the window was opened.

If the previous instrument in the channel isn't the channels default, the note entry window will use the same instrument, overcoming the need to repeatedly select an instrument during note entry.

choosing a note and pitch

The note selector is laid out as a standard keyboard and shouldn't be too surprising! You can select the 12 notes that are available within a single octave, starting on C.

By default the pitch of the note will be at the third octave, you can however specify any octave between 1 to 8, allowing you to go from the lowest rumble to the highest shriek.

speedy editing

Keyboard users can quickly add a new note by using the following shortcuts:

By typing the first letter of a note name, you can quickly jump to the first note that starts with that letter. Subsequent typing jumps to the next available note (for instance: type "F" to select "F" and type it again to select "F#".

Entering a numerical value in the 1 to 8 range selects the preferred octave. Hit ENTER when ready and you're done!