Sequenced synthesizer for Android

MikroWave promotional image

MikroWave is a deceptively simple audio synthesizer suited for quickly sketching out your musical ideas when on the move. Patterns can be created in the step sequencer, with no limit to the amount of bars your composition requires. Apart from basic waveforms there is also a secondary oscillator which can be routed to different targets for harmonically enriching the synthesizers sound. Shape the basic palette from friendly, cheesy 80s trumpets via twanging robot strings to totally unlisteneable sonic mayhem. At the very least, you can sure annoy people on the bus.

Play along live and save songs

For immediate, responsive improvisation there is a onscreen keyboard allowing you to play along with the sequenced patterns for quickly testing new ideas. The keyboard responds to multi-touch gestures, so you can play chord pads over your freshly created monster riff. When you're pressed for time - and own the full version - you can save a song in progress and return to it later for finishing your idea, or plainly reliving your initial enthusiasm when creating that bubbly, acid bassline over that funky beat you had a brilliant destination for.

You can also record your efforts as well as export your songs and individual tracks as WAV files. For expanding upon your ideas, you can export your songs as MIDI files and import them in your DAW or feed them to your hardware instruments for finishing your project using your preferred working method.

Maintenance mode

MikroWave no longer receives new feature updates and is in maintenance mode. Basically, we're going to keep it available on Google Play and supporting newer Android devices as they come along.

If you want more, you can check out any of the web based music makers by igorski.nl on the apps page.

Can I run it ?

MikroWave is available for both mobile and tablet Android devices. The application has been confirmed to work on the lowest of resolutions to high density / high resolution screens.

Just to be clear: MikroWaves synthesizer doesn't rely on samples for sound playback, but actually synthesizes sound. For best performance your device should ideally run Oreo (Android OS 8.0) or higher, though any recent device should have no problems running the application.

Completely free

Previously there were both FREE and FULL versions of MikroWave available, where the FREE version contained all features of the paid app, with the exception of not being able to save and export your songs.

However, as of 2021 the full version of MikroWave is now completely free, you can get it on Google Play here.

open source audio engine

Still curious ? You may browse, use and comment freely on the code base of the audio engine, as it has been made public and is available to developers under the MIT license.