Changelog for latest release

The currently available release 2.3.7 features:

  1. fixed interface issue on Lyf Wind devices
  2. keyboard view optimized on tablets for more comfortable playing performance
  3. optimized pitch shifter performance

Previous releases

updates for release 2.3.4:

  1. added support for exporting individual audio tracks to WAV files (paid version only)

updates for release 2.3.3:

  1. introduced new Tremolo effect
  2. added support for MIDI note input via USB (Android 6 only)
  3. improved sequencer accuracy
  4. several bug and stability fixes

updates for release 2.3.2:

  1. fixed issue where the application would crash on devices with an Intel based CPU
  2. ADSR envelopes now update instantaneously (were delayed)
  3. oscillator 2 tuning now updates instantaneously (tuning controls were also delayed)

updates for release 2.3.1:

  1. added waveshaper option to distortion module
  2. introduced glitcher effect module
  3. added option to import / export songs and share across devices
  4. added option to delete songs (long click on song in the song browser)
  5. updated UI components
  6. added track muting and soloing to channels
  7. added support for multiple CPU architectures for improved audio engine performance
  8. reduced memory usage
  9. improved overall graphics rendering performance

updates for release 2.2.1:

  1. added two extra synthesizer channels
  2. fixed bugs with song exporting (e.g. inaudible drums)
  3. fixed bug where top octave notes would be reloaded on lower octave
  4. fixed bug where arpeggiated lines would be reloaded at different frequencies...
  5. reduced memory consumption
  6. added square wave to routeable LFO
  7. optimized FM module

updates for release 2.1.1:

  1. refactored synthesizer envelopes
  2. improved legibility on high resolution devices
  3. fixed bug where recordings weren't written at the volume they were at during recording
  4. increased ceiling before clipping occurs
  5. drastically reduced memory consumption
  6. audio engine now performs better on slower devices

updates for release 2.0.4:

  1. improved multi touch response for the keyboard
  2. on tablets synthesizer modules are editable while simultaneously playing the keyboard!
  3. incremental adjustments to tempo are now visible
  4. several bugfixes for improving audio engine stability; use of Karplus Strong synth could crash in certain situations, modulating the pitch using the arpeggiator or by switching keys was noisy, improved high pass filtering of the output.

updates for release 2.0.3:

  1. fixed bug where the audio engine wouldn't initialize upon application launch
  2. finally updated the contents of the online manual!
  3. several minor bugfixes

updates for release 2.0.2:

  1. hotfix concerning layout issues on certain WVGA phones
  2. hotfix concerning audio engine crash that would occur when playing the keyboard on a muted synthesizer

updates for release 2.0.1:

  1. overhauled layout, optimized 10" tablet views
  2. arpeggiator introduced to the synth!
  3. added compressor to synthesizer
  4. formant filter interpolates between values
  5. added transport controls to main sequencer view
  6. improved low end frequency response, ruuumbleee
  7. fine tuned the drum sounds for all your oomph! and phwoar!
  8. fixed pitchshifter bug
  9. added pitchshifter to drum editor
  10. miscellaneous bugfixes...

updates for release 1.5.5:

  1. added a secondary oscillator to the synthesizer for more PHWOAR, OOMPH and FIZZ
  2. optimized caching routine for increased CPU performance

updates for release 1.5.4:

  1. all new pitch shifter for a maximum twist on the ears (requires a fast CPU though...)
  2. fixed graphics issues on low resolution devices (Galaxy Gio / Pocket Plus)
  3. increased maximum available buffer size (stabilizes audio via Bluetooth)
  4. fixed issue where filter settings were saved erroneously

updates for release 1.5.3:

  1. fixed issue with graphics rendering on Android 4.3
  2. fixed occasional bug that occurred when closing the keyboard
  3. fixed issues with audio export and SoundCloud upload

updates for release 1.5.2:

  1. fixed a bug where the app could crash when rapidly and repeatedly changing the waveform timbre
  2. fixed a bug where the app would crash occasionally during removal of a keyboard note
  3. fixed a bug where the sequencer position would be way off over time (after violent tempo changes!)
  4. added stop button for rewinding the current song, sync up before recording w/ other devices!
  5. added option for adding an extra keyboard octave on mobile devices
  6. keyboard octave range is now settable from within the keyboard view

updates for release 1.5.1:

  1. fixed a bug concerning the keyboard on 10" tablets!
  2. the delay memory is cleared when loading / resetting a song

updates for release 1.5.0:

  1. audio engine runs on native layer for low latency audio
  2. keyboard is now playable when sequencer is paused
  3. keyboard spans multiple octaves on larger screens
  4. improved keyboard multi touch capabilities
  5. added measure jump buttons for quicker navigation
  6. optimized caching routines
  7. improved memory management
  8. fixed a bug where altering loaded songs were in the wrong octave
  9. fixed bug where looping measures would occassionally have a nasty *POP*
  10. fixed a crash on devices with no external/emulated SD storage
  11. greatly improved speed of writing WAV recordings
  12. delay time adjusts won't clear existing delay buffer, great for glitchy effects
  13. added animations to pages

updates for release 1.3.3:

  1. fixed a bug which erroneously stated not enough space was available for writing a recording

updates for release 1.3.2:

  1. updated audio engine, very low frequency content will now be filtered (instead of having the phaser silence the output at extreme settings!!)

updates for release 1.3.1:

  1. increase in output volume (DC offset filtering of version 1.3.0 introduced lower output)
  2. increased the impact of the drum machine's kick and snare
  3. added secondary (overdriven) drum machine mode for those of a more industrial bent

updates for release 1.3.0:

  1. addition of degrader and formant filters to synth and drum machine
  2. addition of phaser to synthesizer
  3. effects editors are now pageable (as there are now more effects!)
  4. implemented DC offset filtering for removal of nasty clicks and pops
  5. removed bug which erroneously stated there wasn't enough space available for recording on certain devices
  6. removed bug regarding the looping of measures

updates for release

  1. added support for low resolution Gio-type phones

updates for release 1.2.8:

  1. addition of compressor to drum machine
  2. more effective caching routine prevents silence during tempo / pitch transpositions on larger projects
  3. reworked the multitouch interface to allow simultaneous editing of multiple controllers
  4. audio quality is now saved to the device and recalled upon relaunch (convenient!)

updates for release 1.2.7:

  1. added support for CD quality output mode at 44.1 kHz
  2. added variable audio quality toggle
  3. addressed several tablet layout issues
  4. improved memory management

updates for release 1.2.6:

  1. added live recording mode for capturing a performance
  2. tempo control now has a precision step mode
  3. added exit button for closing the application
  4. improved overall performance by reducing memory footprint
  5. fixed menu layout bug on high resolution phones
  6. fixed bus volume bug in audio channel routing
  7. fixed occasional tempo glitch when recalling saved songs

updates for release 1.2.5:

  1. long awaited tablet support!
  2. patterns can be duplicated for fast editing
  3. added distortion effect to drummachine
  4. replaced the drummachines formant filter with a Jennifer Lo-Pass
  5. fixed a bug concerning the saving of distortion parameters
  6. fixed a bug concerning the transposing of existing parts
  7. added hardware acceleration for the graphical interface

updates for release 1.2.4:

  1. the long-awaited export to MIDI functionality!
  2. selectable waveforms for the secondary oscillator
  3. added navigation window for quick visual reference

updates for release 1.2.3:

  1. export songs to WAV files
  2. publish songs directly to SoundCloud
  3. link to online manual for reference

Updates for release 1.2.2:

  1. added loop-button for repeating specific measures
  2. improved keyboard response for short, snappy note bursts
  3. improved limiter's attack for preventing clipped audio
  4. added formant filter to drum machine

Updates for release 1.2.1:

  1. an increase in the overall output volume!

Updates for release 1.2:

  1. introduction of the drumcomputer. Four percussive sound effects are available for composing up to four different patterns.
  2. mixer window added. Control the level of all individual tracks.
  3. fixed a big regarding the return to the sequencer window from both the song browser / save window.

Updates for release 1.1.1:

  1. keyboard output now matches the sequenced synthesizer sound
  2. amplitude envelope now also applies to keyboard

Updates for release 1.1:

  1. introduction of the Mangler processor. A bit-crushing effect reducing the resolution of your pristine sound, via lo-fi 80s computer bleeps, right down to gravel
  2. introduction of the String synth. Basically the caricature of a stringed instrument, thanks to implementation of the Karplus-Strong algorithm
  3. altered the range of the Polly delay line to accommodate for shorter slapbacks and reverb-style effects
  4. added a limiter for catching sudden peaks preventing ear-bleed. Note that riding the volume control is still a matter left to your own hands
  5. added a reset / "new song" function in the song menu for a quick wipe and starting with a clean slate
  6. fixed the weird inverted-filter resonance bug
  7. fixed a bug regarding audio engine stability

Currently in development

What you can expect in future updates:

  1. Patchfield integration for inter-application sharing of audio
  2. support for multiple time signatures
  3. recordable output of the keyboard (straight to sequencer data)
  4. anything else you'd like to see: leave a suggestion