"Plenty of synthesizers can be found in the app world, but we feel comfortable making the case that MikroWave separates itself from most of the pack. This sequenced synthesizer (as in you can not only play live, but set stuff up to play at a certain time) strikes an almost perfect balance between easy usability and creating the sense that you’re actually working to create music, rather than tweaking simple parameters and letting the app do the rest."


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"If music is your hobby, your passion or it’s something you do for your living we have got a wonderful addition to your favorite tools. MikroWave is pocketable sequence synthesizer that gives you the freedom to be creative on the go and never lets you lose your imaginations on your way back home. Whether you are working on a project compiling music for an upcoming game or creating new background effects for a video you will find MikroWave very simple and a practically useful solution."


Beat magazine (Germany) September 2013

Minimalistic drum- and synth sounds paired with a more than reduced user interface in the style of Nanoloop form the heart of MikroWave, a peculiar tone generator with square, triangle and sine waves. The devices are complemented by a 16-step sequencer and filter, phaser, degrader and delay. Sonically, the app moves in 8-bit climes and comes into its own in electronic styles.

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In general you feel that the developer has made something from a highly personal vision. Something that he wants to see realized with limitations and all and as such it comes with some quirks. That may dissuade you from going deeper into it, but I must say that for me it has been a blessing.


Anonymous user via Google Play

"High quality app that's evolving well as time goes on! As a dedicated hardware synth user I've found MikroWave great for nailing motif & rhythm sequence ideas when travelling. Back in the lab these noodles come to life when played back on my Blofeld or Proteus 2K via Logic. There are other apps which export MIDI but this one is really great to write with & has found a home with it's hardware siblings in my studio. We'll worth the $ for seasoned pros & curious rookies alike :-)"

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Great! Can't believe you shoved all this in my phone!!!

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Es una mierda no la descarguen Mierda.
"It sucks not download S**t"