This page features a selection of musical output. As "genre" poses no restriction on creative freedom, the material on offer here might seem disjointed.
For a more cohesive experience, material is grouped and divided between musical identity/groups and commissioned/soundtrack work.

An overview of all published music can be found on Discogs.


My main musical outlet. Drosophelia tracks describe my most personal work, given some even are songs. The general tone is dark; the sound of sleep deprivation and paranoia set to music.

Drosophelia tracks are built around both organic and electronic instruments, supplemented by audio processing tools of my own hand.

Listed are all official releases, available for download and streaming playback on all the usual suspects (SpotifyApple MusicBandcampPandora, etc.).

Efforts are continuous with yearly releases. To remain up-to-date you can also follow Drosophelia on Instagram.


When confronted with prolonged periods without inspiration, the best medicine is to overcome your fear of either people or sharing a creative vision.

Letting go of control in lieu of a joint effort opens up doors in which you are inspired to do something different from your usual approach.

The best results are often when a session is scheduled without having a fixed goal.

Listed here you will find the results of some of these efforts.

Firefly Makani

An abandoned project, but one where the results still please the ears of the author(s).

Collaborating with Fedde ten Berge, our joint mission was to create a full-on assault on all senses in which audio, video and design were intertwined.

At performances, video projections would show abstract images that were generated at runtime, responding to t...


Tracks that are either abandoned, on hold or served as a study prior to creating a finished product.

Some are placeholders, waiting to be finished others are compositions at least over a decade old. Often ramshackle in production / fidelity, but with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi.

Actually they are only listed here for the sake of melancholy.