This section features a selection of musical output, a collection that spans various genres and creative expressions over the years.

To provide a more cohesive experience, material is categorized in distinct musical identities, collaborative projects, and commissioned or soundtrack works.
Those that desire to view a comprehensive overview of Igors musical contributions, the complete discography of released work is listed on Discogs.

Between the content on these pages and Discogs, you'll find all music, whether independently crafted or featuring collaborative contributions.


The main musical outlet. Drosophelia tracks describe the most personal work, given some even areĀ songs. The general tone is dark; the sound of sleep deprivation and paranoia set to music.

Drosophelia tracks are built around both organic and electronic instruments, supplemented by hand-crafted audio processing tools, some of which can be found on this site.

Listed here are all releases, available for download and streaming playback on the...

Works crafted to harmonize with visual narratives are the essence of this collection. Each composition within this section is created to blend with and enhance the emotive power of visual storytelling.

Some of these works go beyond mere accompaniment, for instance serving as an integral part of a game, where the situation is dynamically reflecte...

When confronted with prolonged periods without inspiration, the best medicine is to overcome your fear of other people and the fear of sharing a creative vision.

Releasing the grip on individual control in favor of shared creative endeavors brings a fresh perspective, encouraging a departure from your usual approach.

The best results often ...

Tracks that are either abandoned, on hold or served as a study prior to creating a finished product.

Some are placeholders, waiting to be finished others are compositions at least over a decade old. Often ramshackle in production / fidelity, but with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi.

One could argue they are listed here for the sake of melancholy, but...