Kindly remixed by Mike Senior for the December 2011 issue of Sound on Sound magazine.

Multi-part composition: starts off with a wall reminiscent of being inside a ballistic object breaking through the clouds while being met with chants during it's descent ( it happens, you know ).

The main part ( "ascension" ) features low string-esque pads painting a moody melody, paired with "spaceship engine" sounds propelling the cosmonauts forward into a crunchy guitar chord crash ( playing Rachmaninov-style inversions of minor chords ) predicting catastrophe. After a repetition of these parts it descends into a demented dance that sounds like a drooling monster tongue tripping over itself.

Aural weaponry of interest that is evident on this recording: a velocity-layer sampled toy piano which was bought off eBay ( the piano that is, the sampling still had to be undertaken ), that appears in the second occurance of the main theme, along with a SH-101 synthesizer which, after having it on loan for months, ends up being used just to go 'bip-bip-bip'...

Ganymede appears on Drosophelia's 2018 EP, "Pupa".