Pinball Schminball - Table 1


The soundtrack for table 1 "Endless August".
Pinball Schminball is a retro-style 2D vertical scrolling pinball game that you can play directly in your browser, it is available right here on

Tables in the game feature hidden ramps, unlockable bonuses / multiball play and sometimes a "secret area". Users can compete with each other in the highscore list.

The soundtrack is written using the very same plugins are as available for download on this site, such as VSTSID (for the arpeggios) and HomeCorrupter (for the distorted, lo-fi lead), making everything reminiscent of an Amiga .MOD file.

To create the perfect early 90's lo-fi pastiche, the 80's arpeggios are paired with Korg choirs with reduced sampling rate. The sound effects are FM based (from a Yamaha TX802) and tuned to the music.