Sun-Kissed Daze


Unashamedely summery vibe, created as a study in getting a danceable groove going in both unconventional and fluctuating time signatures (7/4 for the verse theme, 12/8 for the chorus).

A wide stereo image is introduced by a phased electric piano starting off the song in a loungey manner, before the thin, clicking percussion kicks in forcing the girls to shake their hips.

Further danceable additions come from a bass guitar played through an envelope follower for quirky vowel-like sounds added to the lower mids of the spectrum. Muddy electric lead guitars sit in between the latin-esque acoustic guitars for filling out the remainder of the field with melodic lines.

The initial recordings for this song originate from 2007 and span the first minute until the second verse starts. Five years later on, the original recordings where used to "comp" the remainder by re-assembling the original material whether in audio or MIDI form. Kind of like making music using samples. Only that you sampled yourself.

The coda concludes the piece with a final shift in the time signature by resolving to a straight 4/4 motif.

Sun-Kissed Daze is released as a single under The Type 3 Civilization-moniker.