Firefly Makani

An abandoned project, but one where the results still please the ears of the author(s).

Collaborating with Fedde ten Berge, our joint mission was to create a full-on assault on all senses in which audio, video and design were intertwined.

At performances, video projections would show abstract images that were generated at runtime, responding to the music. Both video and audio could be improvised on the spot, making use of hand built tools and effects.

The majority of the music was written on equipment more associated with retro video gaming, namely Commodore 64 (using Messiah cartridge) and Nintendo GameBoy (using LSDj). Combining this square wave onslaught with tape echo made the resulting sound hard to ignore.

The results of this brief but haphazard period culminated in releases on Antilounge Records, Toztizok Zounds and self distributed promo hotaru.

Cracked Captive (Killing Skills mix)

Made as one-half of Firefly Makani.

The track features cut-up, glitchy breakbeats partnered with synthesis from.. a Nintendo GameBoy. The GameBoys audio was programmed using LSDj and further processed through a Roland Space Echo for a further twist on the ears.

Kindly remixed by Killing Skills.