UT2600 soundtrack

When asked by Megga to supply the tunes for the 2013 remake of Unreal Tournament, I jumped upon the chance just to realize the wonderfully square waveform pictured above, which stems from the output of... an (emulated) Atari 2600's 2-channel audio as "UT2600" is not so much a remake, but a complete "port" to the Atari 2600 !

As opposed to the luxury offered by the retro computer / audio weapon that is the Commodore 64, the Atari's TIA-generated audio could only generate sound frequencies by dividing a 30 kHz base by 5-bit values, resulting in "notes" in varying degrees of tuning (up to 44 cents sharp or flat from a perfect pitch!)

As such, compositions have to be carefully crafted around a scale or harmonic base which offers the least amount of harmonic flaws when rendered by the Atari's oscillators.

Programmed / composed in assembly language, but aided greatly by using Paul Slocum's sequencer, leveraging the annoying aspect!

Each theme is loopable for an in-game context, all individual tracks are separated by a small two second silence so you can locate and skip to them easily.