Open source projects


MWEngine is an audio engine for Android. Its purpose is to sequence audio in a musical context : it offers strict timed playback of audio events, digital signal processing (DSP) for applying effects, real time synthesis, sample playback and recording.

Out of the box MWEngine comes with templates for basic instruments (such as sample players and sy...

VST Plugins

The VST plugins listed on this site's download page are all open source programs.

The plugins are built on top of Steinbergs VST SDK and can thus be built for Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms. They run in any VST3 compliant host/DAW (which include Bitwig Studio, Reaper, Plogue Bidule, FL Studio, etc.). Additionally, they can be built as VST2 plu...


zCanvas is a lightweight JavaScript library that provides an OOP-style solution for working with HTMLCanvas drawables as if they were tangible / interactive, separate objects.

Where the children in an HTMLElements "display list" are nicely visible as stacked separate tags, the pixels on a canvas-element remain out of bounds. zCanvas provides a mea...


The source code of Efflux, the browser based audio tracker.

The full audio engine and tracker interface are available.

Efflux makes ue of the Vue framework along with SCSS as the CSS preprocessor. All other code is either written specifically for Efflux or reused from other open source libraries listed on this website, such as zCanvas (for wavefo...

Molecular Music Generator

The Molecular Music Generator (MMG) is a small program in which a set of variables can be defined. These will generate a musical composition, written into a MIDI file. This MIDI file can subsequently be opened in a DAW or be fed to instruments to create music.

MMG uses an algorhitm to generate musical patterns. The alg...


zMIDI is a JavaScript library that allows you to receive message froms connected musical equipment (supporting the MIDI protocol) and making it available inside the web browser.

zMIDI uses the Web MIDI API, which is currently only supported in Google Chrome and is still very much a draft.

zMIDI was written specifically f...