Open source projects


Android audio engine

MWEngine is an audio engine for Android. Its purpose is to sequence audio in a musical context : offering sample accurate scheduling and playback of timed audio events, digital signal processing (DSP) for applying effects, real time synthesis, sample playback and recording.

Out of the box MWEngine comes with templates for basic instruments (such...

VST Plugins

Cross-platform audio plugins

The VST plugins listed on this site's download page are all open source programs.

The plugins are built on top of Steinbergs VST SDK and can thus be built for Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms. They run in any VST3 compliant host/DAW (which include Bitwig Studio, Reaper, Plogue Bidule, FL Studio, etc.). Additionally, they can be built as VST2 p...


JavaScript rendering library

zCanvas is a lightweight JavaScript library that provides an OOP-style solution for working with HTMLCanvas drawables as if they were tangible / interactive, separate objects.

Where the children in an HTMLElements "display list" are nicely visible as stacked separate tags, the pixels on a canvas-element remain out of bounds. zCa...


Binary data reader/writer

A library that allows you to read/write the contents of a binary file into/from a JSON Object, taking care of all data type conversion using JavaScript-friendly values, rather than requiring you to seek at specific offsets or to translate byte values.

You can search for data by value, slice blocks into separate, meaningful structure...


Web based music maker

Efflux takes the code written for the earlier Chrome Experiments WebSID and Touch Synthesizer and wraps it into a complete music making application.

Whereas these aforementiond applications could not be open sourced (due to using a third party library for the UI), Efflux has been made with the ethos to be fully open source and public.

Molecular Music Generator

Algorithmic composition tool

The Molecular Music Generator (MMG) is a small application in which a set of variables can be defined. These will generate a musical composition, written into a MIDI file.

This MIDI file can subsequently be opened in a DAW or be fed to instruments to create music.

Each composition has a fixed outcome and is highly unique.
Creative souls c...


Library for Web MIDI

zMIDI is a JavaScript library that allows you to receive message froms connected musical equipment (supporting the MIDI protocol) and making it available inside the web browser.

zMIDI uses the Web MIDI API, which is currently supported in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera, making it a niche functionality, though support could grow over tim...


Pseudo multi threading in JavaScript

A small JavaScript library that provides pseudo-threading for leveraging resources during long, CPU intensive operations.


Yes. While more low level languages allow threading to separate a program into individually scheduled chunks where all chunks are ensured to receive an equal amount of resources, JavaScript sadly operates o...