Efflux takes the code written for the earlier Chrome Experiments WebSID and Touch Synthesizer and wraps it into a complete music making application.

Whereas these aforementiond applications could not be open sourced (due to using a third party library for the UI), Efflux has been made with the ethos to be fully open source and public.

Reuse of other libraries

Efflux makes use of the Vue framework using Vuex for centralized state management.

All other code is either written specifically for Efflux or reused from other open source libraries listed on this website, such as zCanvas (for waveform editing) and zMIDI (for Web MIDI integration).

Eyes on the demo scene

Apart from the full application as it is hosted on igorski.nl, the repository also contains a build configuration for the Efflux Tiny Player, which was created to play back songs made in Efflux in a headless player, to act as support for visual content in demo scene "tiny application" contests.