Android audio engine

MWEngine is an audio engine for Android. Its purpose is to sequence audio in a musical context : it offers strict timed playback of audio events, digital signal processing (DSP) for applying effects, real time synthesis, sample playback and recording.

Out of the box MWEngine comes with templates for basic instruments (such as sample players and synthesizers), methods to load and write WAV data and a selection of audio effects to mangle all incoming sound!

MWEngine uses OpenSL (Android 4.1 up) or AAudio (Android 8.0 and up) to provide low latency results. While MWEngine has been written in C++ it will compile using JNI exposing its methods to Java, while still running in native layer outside of the Dalvik / ART VM ensuring high performance. 

Who / what is using it ?

MWEngine is the audio engine created specifically for MikroWave. It is also used for kosm and is being used by third party developers.