Privacy Policy


This Policy describes which information is collected during the use of this website and its associated applications and how this information is protected and further used.

All the information, that is gathered during a visit and/or use of the website's applications will be handled in accordance with this Policy and the purposes as described herein.

This Policy does not apply to any websites of other companies who link to this website or applications or to those linked to from this site.


Fully using the services provided by requires your consent to the use of cookies, a cookie being a file stored on your device when visiting a website. The purpose of a cookie is to restore settings when revisiting the site at a later stage. uses cookies for analytical purposes to improve the functionality and user experience of the website. uses an open source solution in a locally hosted instance, to guarantee your privacy.

Analytical cookies

The collected analytics data contains no personal data, further more:

  • The collected data is only used for analysis and no other purpose
  • The data is not shared or connected with data from other websites
  • IP addresses are anonymized with 2 byte masking

Third Party Cookies

When browsing this website, media content can be offered through platforms such as YouTube, Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Additionally, when submitting contact forms, Google reCAPTCHA is used. Use of these platforms can also put cookies on your computer. has no access to, or control over, cookies set by third parties.

Consult the websites of these third parties for more information about their cookies and how you can manage them.

No cookies stored until prior consent

All cookies, whether for analytical purposes or for the embedding of video and audio content hosted by third party providers, require your explicit consent before storing.

Third party video and audio embeds are blocked until you have explicitly provided your consent in the respective popup, to protect visitors from the EU under GDPR.

In other words: nothing is stored until you say so.

Data as provided by the visitor

The only instance where an e-mail address is required is when a visitor chooses to use the contact form or subscribes to the newsletter.

In the former case, an e-mail containing the visitors address as its sender is submitted to the site's owner in order to respond to your enquiry. In the latter, the e-mail is stored in a private database (and can be removed by clicking "unsubscribe" from a received mailing).

If you are using any of the web apps listed under the applications section of this site (such as WebSID or Efflux), you are able to store projects created in said applications for use in subsequent sessions.

Data Retention Policy

Projects saved in the web apps (such as WebSID or Efflux) are stored on your local computer in a browser specific sandbox known as LocalStorage.

When using cloud-based storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive in apps like Efflux or BitMappery, the content can always be managed through the respective apps of these storage providers. No other copy exists of this remote content.

When sharing your projects using the applications Share-functionality, this is done anonymously as no personal data is stored with the remote copy. The generated link acts as the unique access point of the shared project.

Offline applications

Downloadable applications (such as VST plugins or Android apps) do not collect any user data nor send any data to remote servers (none of them access the internet). does not use cookies - or any of the gathered analytical data - for marketing purposes.