MIDI controlled Toy Piano

A toy piano is a wonderful instrument, especially a good Bontempi one which would equal a Steinway, only on a smaller scale of course...

But why?

..a toy piano is however horribly crude to play and while it has a 1.5 octave range, the Bontempis don't have the black keys ! Enter this sampling project. Each key of the piano has been sampled at three different velocities to allow for expressing a dynamic range in your playing. All missing "black keys" have been added by interpolating the nearest available interval up or down a semitone in pitch. Now it is possible to enjoy playing toy piano using your favourite MIDI controller, instead of endless re-recording of your mic'ed toy piano in the hope of capturing a performance without the unwanted squeaking.

A Kontakt instrument

The samples have been packaged as a Kontakt ( version 3 and higher ) .NKI file. The additional scripting possibilities of the Kontakt sampler allow for other expressive articulations by adding key off rumbling sounds to the aftertouch response, which in turn will add a bit of charm by re-introducing some unpredictable handling noise.

All samples have been recorded dry using a Shure SM57 microphone and are untreated to allow for maximum processing possibilities.

The .NKI-file with all individual samples will be made available for download soon.