efflux help

Here you will find generic help topics on using Efflux.

system requirements

To run Efflux, you will need a web browser that supports the Web Audio API such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari. Though Mozilla Firefox provides Web Audio support, its performance is quite hit-and-miss at the current stage and therefor use of Google Chrome is recommended (note each of these browsers is absolutely free).

Efflux will run on any half decent modern computer and also works on Android and iOS tablets / phones, though for the best experience, a wide display is recommended (a non-mini iPad will do just fine).


Efflux has been written to cater for all different input types. You can control Efflux using your mouse (or fingers when on a touchscreen device) or keyboard. The pattern editor and note entry / module parameter automation popups support the use of shortcuts and it is recommended to learn these as they will greatly improve efficiency and in turn speed.

Efflux also supports Web MIDI, meaning you can attach a MIDI peripheral to your computer and input notes by playing the hardware device.

If you wish to use MIDI, you must be using Google Chrome and will need a compatible MIDI device.