BitMappery help

Here you will find generic help topics on using BitMappery.

System requirements

To run BitMappery, you will need a fairly recent web browser. If you use any of Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge you are good to go. Internet Explorer users should have some luck in IE11 and up, but please understand that like Microsoft, will not provide BitMappery support for IE.

BitMappery will run on any half decent modern computer and also works on Android and iOS tablets / phones, though for the best experience, a wide display is recommended (a non-mini iPad will do just fine).

Supported file formats

BitMappery handles the following file formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • WebP*
  • Photoshop PSD**

* not in Safari
** import only, adjustment layers not supported.

Input modes

BitMappery has been written to cater for all different input types. You can control BitMappery using your mouse (or fingers when on a touchscreen device) or keyboard. BitMappery provides keyboard shortcuts and it is recommended to learn these as they will greatly improve efficiency and in turn speed.

While BitMappery works on a tablet and even phones, it is recommended to only resort to these for more simpler image editing.

Requests / Bug reports ?

BitMappery is an ongoing project (and still very much in BETA), so if you notice a missing feature or even worse, a broken feature, feel free to reach out using the contact form.

Or if you are a developer / have a Github account, raise an issue on the Issue tracker*, as BitMappery is fully open source and its source code can be found on GitHub.

*Please search before posting to avoid duplicates, and limit to one issue per post. Please vote on feature requests by using the Thumbs Up/Down reaction on the first post.

Icon credits

Apart from the application logo, all logos were provided by The used collections and their authors are:

  1. UI Essentials by
  2. Black arrow icons set by Reda
  3. Eye icon by Muhammad Haq