Layers are the content containers for your BitMappery document.
Layer management is done through the options panel. You can freely add / delete / rename and reorder layers in your document.

When in a hurry, you can instantly create a new layer by pressing Shift + Ctrl + L.

Layer types

We distinguish between three different layer types:

  1. Photo
  2. Graphic
  3. Text

The Photo type can only be created from imported image files. Content can not adjusted (only non-destructive changes can be applied). If you wish to change pixel content of this layer you can do so by creating a mask or by copying selections onto a new layer.

The Graphic type is used for painting / brushing / copied content. Changes made here are persistent (though individual actions are recorded in state history to be undone/redone in the current session). This is the default type for any newly added layer.

The Text type can only contain text. It can be created through the "Add layer"-window or by selecting the Text tool.

Layer filters

Each layer type can be filtered. The filters are applied non-destructively which means the source content remains unchanged. As such you can always change your mind and adjust filter settings at any time.