This page describes the global keyboard shortcuts available within BitMappery. Additionally to those listed here, you can change active tool selection using the keyboard as well.

The usual suspects

  • Ctrl + N : Create new document
  • Ctrl + O : Open document (requires Dropbox connection)
  • Ctrl + S : Save document (requires Dropbox connection)
  • Ctrl + E : Export document (alternative to Dropbox save)
  • Ctrl + I : Import document (alternative to Dropbox load)
  • Ctrl + W : Close active document
  • Ctrl/Command + Z : undo an action
  • Shift + Ctrl/Command + Z : redo an action
  • Ctrl/Command + C : Copy selection contents (hold Shift to copy from all visible layers)
  • Ctrl/Command + X : Cut selection contents
  • Ctrl/Command + V : Paste copied selection contents
  • Shift + Ctrl/Command + I : Invert the active selection

Viewport pan

You can pan the viewport at any point (without selecting it in the toolbox) by holding down the spacebar and dragging over the document with the mouse cursor.

Content drag

You can pan content using the keyboard arrows. By holding down the shift-key, you can move multiple pixels at a time. Examples of draggable content are:

  1. Any layer when the drag tool is selected
  2. Any active selection

Layer selection

You can instantly select a layer by holding down the Ctrl-key and clicking inside the document.

Layer selection works with transparent content, by clicking on a non-transparent pixel, you will select the layer containing said pixel.

Zoom level

You can adjust the current zoom level at any time by pressing:

  1. the +-key to zoom in
  2. the --key to zoom out

Brush size

When the currently active tool is a drawable type (e.g. brush, clone stamp or eraser), you can press:

  1. the ]-key to increase the brush size
  2. the [-key to decrease the brush size

Brush opacity

When the currently active tool is a drawable type (e.g. brush, clone stamp or eraser), you can press any numerical key in the 0 to 9 range to adjust the brush opacity.

By default opacity is controlled in 10 % increments (e.g. pressing 1 sets opacity to 10%), but by entering numbers in rapid succession, you can adjust opacity in single digits, e.g. "1 + 5" becomes 15 %.

Toggling layer state

To evaluate the visual difference between the active filters and the raw layer state, you can toggle the layers filter application by pressing Ctrl + F.

Similarly, you can toggle the active layer visibility by pressing Ctrl + L.

Change active tool color

Drawable tools (brushes, fill, eraser and clone stamp) can define a source color and draw opacity.

To open the color picker instantly, you can press the C-key.

Collapse / expand tool panels

To maximize the available viewport area, you can collapse and expand both the toolbox and options panel individually.

To toggle between these modes quickly, you can press the Tab-key.

Toggle fullscreen view

To further maximize the available viewport area, you can activate fullscreen view. The fullscreen toggle is visible on the top right of the screen.

To minimze/maximize the full screen mode directly, press Shift + F.