Molecular Music Generator

What is it?

The Molecular Music Generator (MMG) is a command line program that is fed a set of variables which it parses into a musical composition and writes into a MIDI file. This MIDI file can subsequently be opened in a DAW or be fed to instruments to create music.

Duncan Lockerby's algorhitm

MMG uses an algorhitm to generate musical patterns. The algorhitm was concocted by Duncan Lockerby, who named it "the Molecular Music Box". His algorhitm defines a set of rules which determine the outcome of the composition.

To view the results you can watch this video.

But to sum them up, the rules are:

  • two different note lengths need to be defined, e.g. "4" and "3"
  • a scale needs to be defined, e.g. C major (the white keys on a piano), let's say we start on the E note, the list of notes will then contain : E, F, G, A, B, C
  • a pattern length needs to be defined, e.g. 4 bars
That's it. MMG will now generate the composition in a customisable time signature and tempo according to these rules.

Each composition has a fixed outcome and is highly unique.

Creative souls can open up the code and extend to create even more pleasing generators. Creative souls who aren't code savvy can still use the application to overcome writers block.