Personal musical project

The identity

Drosophelia is the moniker under which I release personal musical material, presented as dark electronic paintings, inspired by low fidelity equipment and pop culture of decades past.

The overall sound aims to blend both an organic controlled feel with electronics on the verge of spiraling into chaos; in an effort to convey universal human emotion such as anger and paranoia, with an end result once classified as "dark ambient acoustic industrial cabaret".

The aesthetic

Drosophelia releases are published in trilogies, each containing EP, full-length album and single, thematically linked, though often by a schizophrenic narrative through the shifting stylistic expressions of the composer.

All parts of the process (writing, performing, recording and production of both sound and visuals) are executed by yours truly, bar the odd contribution here and there.

Assembling the tools...

The ethos of Drosophelia is to make music by any means necessary, which implies that any sound source is considered an instrument.

While Drosophelia's music features both acoustic and electronic instruments, it also revolves around the use of handwritten audio processing software, often built for the occassion.

These sources form a palette from which a single "aural painting" can be created, unifying all the individual layers regardless of whether they are organic or synthetic in origin.

...and making the music

Apart from being neurotic about details such as the placement and tuning of individual percussive sounds, there is a continued study of unorthodox scales and time signatures, all to gather more functional tools.

Each release may feature specific types of equipment more than others, or is written having a specific palette in mind.

As such, these are often built around a specific sound; whether it is an instrument, newly created processor or a tonality, the sum of the parts combining to set the tone of the release.

Listen / keep in touch

You can either stream or purchase Drosophelia's music from the usual services using the following link:

Stream Drosophelia

To stay in the loop about the latest news, consult the Drosophelia website and its pages.