After originating as an exercise in rippling classical guitar arpeggios, the final result is far removed from the original mellow vibe. Keeping the dark harmonic minor tonality, but ditching the acoustic guitar of the demo, the compositions arpeggiated melodies have been synthesized by an Atari 2600, limiting the polyphony to only two channels.

Being an outtake for an Atari-related project where the track didn't fit the context, a different approach was taken where the Atari sounds act as part of a larger palette.

Added to the lo-fi paranoia are the glitchy beats, both holding back and pushing the rhythm by shifting their accents in the otherwise conventional 4/4 meter. Droning guitars rumble over the square wave assault.

The Atari 2600 parts have been programmed using Paul Slocum's sequencer kit and excellent programming guide.