Meneer Eend

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"Staring contest simulator"

Meneer Eend (Mister Duck) is a very simple game. The purpose of the game is to tap the duck whenever he is looking at you directly. Should he be looking away while you tap him, you lose immediately.

Sounds simple enough, but beware his distractive manoeuvres and blazing eye movement speeds as the game progresses!

Meneer Eend was initially created as a Flash game (around 2009) and featured on his very own site, where players could participate with each other for a position in the Hall of Fame.

The ActionScript 3 code has been ported to a more modern language, allowing the game to be enjoyed in 2022 once more, including on mobile devices, also in English (as the original featured Dutch-only text).

High scores are also preserved online, so the competition is once more open!

Meneer Eend in action

Meneer Eend can run directly in your browser and offers:

  • Offline support*
  • Full mobile support

*Note that an active internet connection is required in order to compete in the high scores