Pinball Schminball

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Example zCanvas game

The "aptly" titled Pinball Schminball (PS) is a an hommage to 80's and 90's 2D vertical scrolling pinball video games (think Pinball Fantasies, not that thing that shipped with Windows '95).

The game serves as a showcase of igorski's open source zCanvas gaming capabilities, enriched with the use of Matter JS as a physics engine.

Pinball Schminball promises rapid, vertically scrolling navigation of multiple tables, but also works on mobile devices, where a single tap is all that is needed to control the game.

Open source for a purpose

PS has been created using "vanilla TypeScript", just to showcase the outline of a game (divided into model, controller- and rendering layers) and how the zCanvas rendering loop can be leveraged to handle the game loop and physics simulation.

You can obviously use zCanvas with a framework of choice (PS uses Vue for screen switching / settings management).

The game is fully open source and can be found on GitHub.

The visual and auditive style

The "synthwave theme" is in your face but hopefully fitting to the retro intentions of the game.

The soundtrack is written using the very same plugins are as available for download on this site, such as VSTSID (for the arpeggios) and HomeCorrupter (for the distorted, lo-fi lead), making everything reminiscent of an Amiga .MOD file.

To create the perfect early 90's lo-fi pastiche, the 80's arpeggios are paired with Korg choirs with reduced sampling rate. The sound effects are FM based (from a Yamaha TX802) and tuned to the music.

Pinball Schminball in action

Pinball Schminball can run directly in your browser and offers:

  • Offline support*
  • Full mobile support

*Note that an active internet connection is required in order to hear music and compete in the high scores