mac·ro·cosm noun \ˈma-krə-ˌkä-zəm\

1: the great world : universe
2: a complex that is a large-scale reproduction of one of its constituents

in less vague terms: kosm is an abstract audio sequencer. Whereas the convention is to align musical events in perfect time slots and at a given pitch, kosm triggers audio via the concept of gravity and mass using particles.

Taking the audio engine that was developed for MikroWave, kosm relies on environmental properties such as the device roll, pitch and yaw for sequencing. Depending on the patience and creativity of the user, kosm can quickly evolve from creating gentle macrobiotic bleeps to emanate large dragging, grating noises.

kosm is an official Android Experiment and its full source code is available on GitHub.

kosm in action

Kosm runs on practically any Android device that has an accelerometer.